‘Acting fast with CPR can save lives’ – Paramedic and coach Owen

Wednesday 26th June 2024

How fellow runners saved Malcolm’s life after cardiac arrest

One of the most significant pieces on our website this year – or indeed any year – covered the story of how fast actions by fellow runners averted tragedy at the Allan Scally Road Relays.

Linlithgow AC runner Malcom Hughes is in no doubt he owes his life to others that Saturday afternoon in Glasgow in March.

Writer Katy Barden traced the full story with one of the heroes, among those who helped the stricken Malcolm, being Lothian Running Club coach Owen Williams.

Responding quickly and delivering CPR is the key lesson and clubs are urged to think about ways to encourage members to do this.

As it happened, Owen was on hand recently at a Lindsays Trophy Third Tier presentation to Lothian RC so we took the chance to chat to him about what needs to happen in these circumstances.

‘Thankfully on the day I was in the right place at the right time to help Malcolm,’ said Owen.

‘I saw what was happening as I was running a cool-down and could support others who had already been trying CPR before the ambulance arrived.

‘I’m a Paramedic with 15 years or experience so I could draw on my training and others had started delivering ‘good CPR’ – and that was vital.

‘Thankfully the story had a good outcome for Malcolm and it is great to hear he is well on the way to recovery.

David Rudisha attended the Allan Scally Road Relays as medical drama unfolded out on the course (photo by Jeff Holmes)

How fellow runners saved Malcolm’s life after cardiac arrest

‘Learning for runners and for clubs is so important.

‘CPR is easy to do – anyone can do it. Delivering ‘bad CPR’ is far better than no CPR and, ultimately, every minute without CPR reduces the survival chances for the individual by ten percent.

‘So time is of the essence. Using an AD (external defibrillator) machine should be straightforward because it tells you on it what to do.

‘The incident with Malcolm Hughes is not the first one I have heard of in a running context and acting fast saves lives.

‘If you can, watch a video or look at some resources online as that can teach you what to do – and might be the difference for someone.’

For CPR resources:

Save A Life For Scotland: https://www.savealife.scot/


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