Level 1 Track Course

Start Date: 31 January 2021

End Date: 31 January 2021

Duration: 4 Hours

Places left: See Athletics Hub

Venue: Emirates Indoor Arena

Tutor: Margaret-Ann MacLachlan

Price: £30

Course Code 21OFFL1T01

Who should go on this course?

Anyone who is interested in officiating the track events, including sprints, hurdles, relays and distance events.

What will I learn?

  • To work as part of a team of track officials at an athletics meeting and carry out the basic duties of a track judge/umpire.
  • To know the equipment, you need to have with you at an athletics meeting to enable you to carry out your duties throughout the meeting.
  • To understand that a track judge/umpire should record what is seen without being influenced by anyone else.
  • To have a basic knowledge of track markings particularly the finishing line (how to judge the finish) and lane lines.
  • To carry out the basic duties such as – judging, lap board and bell, break line, take over judge, hurdle observation, umpiring for observing running out of lane or impeding other athletes and what these involve.


Is there an assessment?

There isn’t an assessment but after the course candidates need to complete at least 4 competition experiences to become licensed. Candidates must have completed the Health & Safety course for Officials as well.


What do I do after the course?

  •  Ensure you have uploaded your licence photo to the myAthletics portal ( head shot on a white background).
  •  Completed your PVG. For guidance on this please click here.
  • Complete a Health and Safety module online.
  • Attend a minimum of 4 competition experiences and record on your accreditation form.
  • Email your Application for Accreditation form to shonamalcolm@scottishthletics.org.uk  for processing in order to receive your UKA Level 1 License.


For more information contact Shona Malcolm on 07731 832 567

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