Coronavirus: Events suspended to May 31 and don’t train in groups

Tuesday 24th March 2020

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scottishathletics can confirm that all licensed events due up to May 31 this year have been suspended due to the coronavirus crisis.

A whole host of events scheduled for the next two to three months have already been cancelled or rescheduled and these can be checked on our Events Section calendar.

We now do not anticipate any licensed scottishathletics events taking place until June at the earliest.

Further, in view of the latest advice from the Scottish and UK Government, we would stress that group training should not be taking place in any shape or form or any face-to-face coaching.

Indeed, the measures announced on Monday evening confirm that you are now restricted to one form of exercise a day and these should be undertaken alone or only with a member of your household.

Whilst athletics is predominantly an outdoor sport that allows athletes to exercise in the fresh air, the message to all of us is absolutely clear: we must play our part in containing the spread of COVID-19.

BBC News: What are Social Distancing and Self Isolation?

All at scottishathletics urge our members to utilise the opportunity to exercise as laid out by both governments.

But, as such, any informal small group training sessions of athletes or face-to-face coached sessions must now cease (*unless they are with your own household members as above).

We have witnessed some very creative home/garden based training sessions (safely of course) during the last week,and we would urge clubs and coaches to continue to be innovative during this period.

A number of schools have been task setting for their pupils and it would be of immense value for clubs to continue to engage athletes and members in similar style tasks for athletics.

These decisions are difficult ones to make but, right now, it is our shared responsibility to prioritise the health of our local communities by working together to follow the Scottish/UK Government guidelines.

In doing so, this will ensure that we all get back to competing in the sport we love so much sooner.

Revised 2020 Track and Field Season

Action from Loughborough last year with Cameron Tindle and Greg Kelly (photo by Bobby Gavin)

*The Loughborough International will not take place in May.

We are awaiting further information on whether the event – which usually features a Scotland team – will be rescheduled for later in 2020.



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