Cambuslang development group on the rise after first year

Sunday 10th April 2022

Club in Focus series

We love turning the spotlight on our clubs and the great work which is going on to gather momentum and inspire growth in our sport.

Our Club in Focus does exactly that and, over the next few Sundays, we intend to promote a few more clubs – starting today with a new group set-up by Cambuslang Harriers . . .

Almost a year on from starting up, the adult development running group at Cambuslang Harriers is growing steadily and providing inclusive athletics for all.

The group, which was started in April last year, also gave the club an opportunity to celebrate International Women’s Day last month.

Cambuslang’s new group was formed to open the club to more male and female runners, ranging from beginners to elite.

It started with around 10 members in the first few weeks, but has grown to almost 30, with ages ranging from 20s to 60s.

Development group coach Karen Goldie said: ‘I joined Cambuslang Harriers just over a year ago with the primary goal to welcome and coach new members joining the club.

‘It has been hugely inspiring and motivating to see a group of new runners gel in a new environment.

‘One of the primary goals was to ensure that folks recognise that success comes from teamwork.

‘We can all push each other that little bit further, not discriminating in gender or age.

‘Being a female coach has perhaps attracted a greater number of female runners to the club, which is awesome to see.

‘It gives me so much pleasure to see individuals progress and achieve their goals.”

Club member Anne-Marie Masterton said:  ‘I apprehensively joined the running club to encourage myself to do some exercise and get out of the house.

‘Working from home during the Covid lockdown had resulted in me not leaving the house for days on end.

‘I had run on and off for 25 years and joining the club has been a fantastic way to meet new people and bring structure to my routine.

‘I never dreamed that as I approached my 50s that I’d get a personal best in a 10k and this is due to the fantastic support and encouragement from my teammates.

‘I would strongly encourage anyone – male or female – who would like some company and exercise to join the club.’

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*Version of this article first appeared in the Rutherglen Reformer and is published here with thanks to Andy McGilvray.


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