Bursaries chance for our coaches

Saturday 11th July 2015

Coaching the coaches 2014

The British Athletics Supporters’ Club (BASC) is looking to assist Coaches and Officials with bursaries, through the ‘BASC Peter White Bursary Scheme’.

BASC will award sums of up to £250 ‘in their pursuit of higher standards; possibly, but not exclusively, by attendance on a course run by UKAthletics’.

In return, the Supporters Club will expect those coaches granted funds to keep BASC members updated on their progress. Previously we have also awarded bursaries for equipment to support their role and important travel expenses.

So, if you aren’t sure what is applicable or what is deserving, please apply!

Those interested should write to Info@basclub.org.uk  by 31 August 2015, explaining why they should receive a bursary. The selection of awards will be at the discretion of the BASC directors.

Jackie Sibthorp, Director BASC


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