Athletics Trust Scotland is backing our Young People’s Forum

Wednesday 12th October 2022

Young People’s Forum meets for first time (December 2021)

Athletics Trust Scotland is delighted to announce sponsorship support for the scottishathletics Young People’s Forum.

The Young People’s Forum was a national group established late in 2021 to give young people in athletics a platform and voice in all aspects of the planning, development, and delivery of the sport in Scotland.

After a large number of applications, the group launched in December last year with 15 individuals (aged between 14-23) keen to work together on a number of realistic projects.

Now ATS will support the YPF and contribute to costs associated with the ongoing running of the forum including the first ATS Young People’s Forum National Conference due to take place in spring 2023.

‘We are delighted to become partners with the Young People’s Forum,’ said Graeme Jack, Chair of the ATS Trustees.

‘The initial funding contributed from ATS will go toward the to the costs associated with their conference in March 2023.’

ATS Forum lead member Erin Gillen said: ‘Our two main aims are to look at the retention of athletes in the sport as there is a high drop out around the age of 16/17 years old and also look at mental health within the young athletes of our sport.

‘Support from ATS for our Conference helps us plan for that event which will look at these aspects among others.

‘The YPF is already showing we have an enthusiastic, talented and diverse group of young people who want to change athletics for the better and we hope our sport can support their vision.’

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scottishathletics assists the YPF via on-going input and guidance from National Club Manager, Lindsay McMahon, and Equalities Officer, Francesca Snitjer.

‘Athletics should be accessible to everyone and is crucial that we give young people the opportunity to stay in the sport – whether that is as an Official, a coach, in the club or staying in the sport as an athlete,’ said Lindsay.

‘With that, we will also focus on communicating the YPF’s key messages of mental health and retention in young athletes into the our national club system.’

*ATS is also working on a Transforming Lives Project which seeks to demonstrate the huge positive benefits – physical and mental – of being involved in our sport.

Read more here on Transforming Lives

Read ATS interview with Finn Boyd, of Maryhill Harriers and the Young People’s Forum

With thanks to Kyle Greig of ATS and Lindsay McMahon

Kyle Greig and David Fallon, our Head of Development, are joined in Aberdeen by YPF members Dylan Dickie of Aberdeen AAC, Erin Gillen of Springburn Harriers and Natalie Sharp of Kilmarnock Harriers.

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