14 Scots on World Class Programme . . . and pathway is clear

Wednesday 2nd November 2022

European champion Laura Muir is among the leading Scots on the WCP 

British Athletics website announcement

Eight Scottish athletes have been named by UK Athletics on the World Class Programme for key support and funding over the next 12 months.

The likes of Jake Wightman, Laura Muir and Josh Kerr are listed for the backing as part of packages to 66 British athletes in the latest announcement.

A previous release confirmed that six Scottish Para athletes will be on the World Class Programme (out of 39) to help with their training costs and competition planning.

So the overall Scottish cohort is 14 athletes from a British total of 105 and this is similar to last year’s tally of 15 support from an overall number of 109.

It effectively means our elite athletes continue to ‘punch above our weight’ in terms of the Scots supported by UK Athletics as set against population percentages.

In the group confirmed this week, eight Scots were included:

*Podium: Josh Kerr, Laura Muir, Jemma Reekie and Jake Wightman

*Podium Potential: Eilish McColgan

*Relay Programme: Zoey Clark, Beth Dobbin and Nicole Yeargin

Six Scottish Para athletes named on WCP

Relay runners Nicole Yeargin, Beth Dobbin and Zoey Clark were all named on the WCP – pictured here with Jill Cherry in the Scotland 4x400m team (photo by Bobby Gavin)

15 Scots named for WCP (our story from November 2021)

‘We are pleased to see another strong representation for Scottish athletics on the WCP programme for 2022-23,’ said Head of Performance, Mark Pollard.

‘It’s always very positive to see Scottish athletes continuing to punch above their weight and gaining the recognition and level of support that comes along with WCP.

‘So great credit to the athletes, coaches and their support teams for another season of consistent and high quality performances that have justified these selections. The names mentioned really are the standard bearers for the sport in Scotland currently.

‘If there are others who may feel they have narrowly missed out on being part of the programme for this season, then I am sure this will motivate them to continue to develop and improve to reach the relevant level in their event next summer when the countdown to the 2024 Olympics will be well underway.

Head of Performance, Mark Pollard

‘Looking back across the past five years ago we’ve consistently had a strong number of Scots on the WCP programme.

‘We have to keep working hard to create a belief that this is achievable for our athletes and getting into GB and NI teams is part of that – at all age groups and levels and a goal for those currently not supported as well as those who are.

‘Those who are at the very top – like Jake, Laura and Eilish who were short-listed for our Athlete of the Year award – can continue to be the inspiration for other athletes and coaches.

‘At our clubs, too, I think it is important for people to know what it takes and that there’s no glass ceiling for Scottish athletes. We have heard Jake and Eilish underline that in recent days.’



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