Updated safety advice for runners and joggers

Saturday 8th May 2021

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UK Athletics website announcement

scottishathletics in partnership with UK Athletics and the other Home Country Athletics Federations have published updated safety advice for runners and joggers as well as suggested guidance for non-runners.

The advice was refreshed following some recent high-profile cases of alleged harassment of athletes training in public areas.

Any abuse or threats against athletes whilst training are completely unacceptable, and the safety guidelines published are to support athletes, recreational runners and other sports people exercising in public to feel prepared for any eventuality.

In addition – guidance for non-runners has been published to highlight how some behaviours may cause harm or upset, even unintentionally.

The guidance documents are all now lodged on our website here

‘Much has been discussed over the last few weeks relating to harassment of runners, particularly female runners, and more recent events have sadly put a spotlight on the issues of safety in public,’ said UKA Development Director, Mark Munro.

‘We must stand together and ensure zero tolerance towards any such behaviour and make sure that everyone should feel comfortable and has the right to be safe exercising in public.

‘Whilst we actively request that our respective government sections and national organisations ensure there is zero tolerance towards any type of harassment in this space, it is also important that we should all prepare and better understand what else can be done to support this objective.

‘The updated guidance is a way of highlighting some behaviours runners most commonly encounter whilst out running. It also helps runners ensure they are fully prepared for their exercise and have thought through all safety considerations.

‘We would also like to thank our Home Country colleagues and their respective running organisations for support in drawing this advice together as well as West Midlands Police for their valued input.’

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