‘We’re very lucky to have Laura, Jemma and Jake’ – Stephen Maguire

Monday 12th October 2020

WATCH IT BACK: Here’s our full 4J Studios Annual Awards broadcast

Stephen Maguire believes athletics in Scotland is very fortunate to have three superb ‘standard-bearers’ in our 4J Studios Performer of the Year winners – Laura Muir, Jemma Reekie and Jake Wightman.

Our Director of Performance and Coaching has been speaking following the 4J Studios Annual Awards night, which was broadcast on YouTube on Saturday night.

Stephen was involved in the Awards Selection Panel who came up with the joint award decision and he could not be happier for Laura, Jemma and Jake.

‘We are extremely lucky to have three brilliant athletes like that and three great people, too,’ he said.

‘We talk about role models and these three certainly fit that description I would suggest.

‘They are superb representatives for our sport and we’re delighted to have them as representatives of athletics in Scotland.

Split decision – Laura, Jemma and Jake share our Performer of Year title

‘I think the joint award was the best option open to us,’ said Stephen.

‘You could see all year that all three were in great shape, despite all the issues they faced.

‘I think they were also practising and developing race tactics and looking ahead to next year. The Olympics is in their minds and of course while they were trying to win races they were also finding out more about themselves.

‘Jake for example was determined to have a go at lowering his 800m PB and as it happened he came up with a superb Scottish Record in the 1500m.

‘Jemma had a great spell in the Indoor Season, running fast times and then just picked up where she had left off when coming out of lockdown and into that shorter summer season.

‘Laura this year looked like she didn’t have a worry in the world when racing and those 1500m performances were remarkable – two at 3:57 and one at 3:58. She is set up well for next year – all three of them are.’

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