Equality guidance issued to clubs

Sunday 5th May 2019

Equality Guidance for Clubs

As part of our on-going Equality work, scottishathletics have produced Equality Guidance for Clubs to provide support and advice on all the protected characteristics covering the Equality Act 2010.

scottishathletics is committed to avoid and eliminate unfair discrimination of any kind in athletics, taking positive steps to counteract the effects of physical or cultural barriers – whether real or perceived – that restrict the opportunity for all sections of the community to participate equally and fully.

These principles are enshrined in the document and we’re pleased to have issued the Equality Guidance for Clubs to office-bearers for all our clubs the length and breadth of support.

Helping scottishathletics in these processes and policies are the Equality and Diversity Advisory Group which was set up some 12 months ago and we’d like to thank the volunteers on that group for their valued input over the past year.

Also, earlier this year, scottishathletics conducted an Equality survey with members.

Thanks  very much to all those who responded to help us gather information which will greatly aid our efforts to ensure that all staff/coaches/officials/board/members/participants are treated fairly regardless of age, race, disability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion or belief.


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