FPSG District Champs – changes planned within 2019 pilot

Wednesday 19th December 2018

scottishathletics can confirm there will be a new format for the FPSG District Champs at three venues in 2019.

The changes will apply to the Senior and U20 age group only and the U17, U15 and U13 District championships will continue.

Following a review by the Track and Field Commission, it was been decided to pilot  the Senior and U20 age groups effectively as National Open Graded events for the weekend of May 10/11/12.

The North will continue with their Friday evening and Saturday programme as previously – with District Champs for the three younger age groups and Open Graded style events for Seniors and U20s taking place in Inverness.

In the East and West, both of these will take place on Saturday 11 May and Sunday 12 May with the event programme split between the Grangemouth and Kilmarnock venues.

For 2019, Senior and U20 endurance and throws will be held at Kilmarnock and sprints and jumps at Grangemouth (with this to alternate the following year). There will be A and B finals up to and including 400m.

Moira Maguire – Track and Field Commission undertook a review on 2018 FPSG District Champs and agree some changes (photo by Bobby Gavin)

Moira Maguire, convenor of the Track and Field Commission, said: ‘We reviewed the District events closely last year and felt it important to try and do something to provide an early-season, high level and meaningful competitive opportunity for Seniors and U20s.

‘The clear aim of the changes we plan to pilot in 2019 is to seek to improve the quality and depth of Senior and U20 events. The District format for U17, U15 and U13 athletes remains as before and we feel that offers appropriate competition in those age groups.’

Alasdhair Love, scottishathletics Events Manager, said: ‘Working closely with the Track and Field Commission and after looking at various aspects of the FPSG District Champs in May 2018, we felt it was worthwhile to explore other formats for 2019

‘We’ve looked to see how we could make some changes in areas where numbers are not large but also preserve the District Championship status for emerging athletes at U17, U15 and U13.

‘We’re also conscious of wanting to provide a competition opportunity at that early stage of the season for as many athletes as possible.’

In 2019, the sprints and jumps for the FPSG Districts for Senior and U20s athletes (East and West) will take place at Grangemouth

No medals will be awarded in the Senior and U20 age groups, as per an Open Graded format, but the best performing athletes from each district will be recorded in a roll of honour (regardless of which venue they compete at).

Athletes in these age groups may choose to compete at either of the East, West or North venues regardless of their club, birth or residence status.

In Field events, all competitors will have three attempts with the best eight qualifying for a further three trials. U20 athletes, should they choose, can compete using U20 implements and hurdle heights.

Kilmarnock Event section page – with draft timetable

Grangemouth Event section page – with draft timetable

Inverness Event section page – with draft timetable



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