Sammi Kinghorn and Amy Carr in focus

Friday 23rd February 2018

Sammi won the FPSG Para Athlete of the Year Award in 2017 (photo by Bobby Gavin)

Sammi Kinghorn was in Tenerife recently as she continued her training programme for the Commonwealth Games.

The double Para World champion is preparing to compete in both the T54 1500m and the marathon at Gold Coast 2018.

Sammi’s coach, Ian Mirfin, was with her in Tenerife and this short piece with Sky Sports captures the atmosphere of a warm weather training camp.


Amy and Jim (photo by Jeff Holmes)

Amy Carr is headed for Gold Coast 2018 as part of Team Scotland – but she wouldn’t have been a sprinter if it hadn’t been for her grand-dad, Jim Smith.

‘He’s a bit of a mad grand-father,’ laughs Amy, with Jim a well-kent face at Motherwell AC.

‘He does the Masters in Scotland and he’s gone to the Europeans as well so he has done pretty well. He went through a point doing loads of events – he’s a sprinter now but he wanted to do hurdles at one point.

‘It’s really nice to have something in common and obviously to do it together it’s great and I think it’s really good as well the fact that he’s not letting his age affect his training and stuff like that.

‘I think it is a really positive thing although I do think, both me and all his friends, that he is mad wanting to do hurdles. I told him not to do that, I thought it was too dangerous. But I think it is a really positive thing and he’s a huge inspiration to me.’

Herald article on Amy Carr by Susan Egelstaff


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