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Saturday 29th June 2019

4J Studios to sponsor National Athletics Academy

scotttishathletics was delighted to launch the 4J Studios National Athletics Academy early last month.

Sponsorship support from 4J Studios will help us significantly when it comes to offering support to the best young track and field athletes in Scotland.

The Academy project offers support to athletes and also to their coaches and parents/guardians in order to try and smooth the pathway to graduate from promising U17 or Junior athlete to a successful Senior.

Stephen Maguire, Director of Performance and Coaching with scottishathletics, has been speaking about the 4J Studios National Athletics Academy.

‘I think it is one of those projects which will grow and grow in the years to come,’ said Stephen.

‘There’s been excellent work done already by scottishathletics to create an environment for young athletes to come and be up-skilled in all sorts of different areas via the Academy.

Now with 4J Studios involved as sponsors it makes it real – it makes it tangible that there is something there that other people believe in, as well.

‘Obviously the financial support is significant and we can’t under-estimate what they are doing for us there and how that will help us help athletes and coaches.

‘But more than that the resource and passion of two guys like Paddy Burns and Chris van der Kuyl from 4J will be very helpful to us. We’d some great conversations with them that day in Dundee and it went beyond performance.

‘There is business knowledge- elite performance business knowledge you could call it – which I feel we could learn from there.’

WATCH: Stephen Maguire video blogs on our You Tube channel

High jumper Carmen Neat helped us launch the 4J Studios National Athletics Academy

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