Three sports plan to work together

Wednesday 28th September 2016

BBC Scotland website report

Three of Scotland’s most successful sports governing bodies have confirmed an exciting collaboration which aims to build on the recent success that they have enjoyed.

Several meetings have taken place over the last few months between both the Chairs and CEOs of scottishathletics, Scottish Cycling and Scottish Swimming;.

During those early discussions there has been a focus on the progress that has been made in developing the club and performance system in Scotland and the importance of building on this and secondly the desire of the Socttish Governing Bodies GBs to have a voice and play their part in the development of wider sport and physical activity policy alongside sportscotland.

scottishathletics, Scottish Cycling and Scottish Swimming will look to work with their colleagues in other sports in the coming months to build on this partnership.

‘All three sports have been successful in recent years and are in a very similar position in terms of club numbers, participants and performance outputs,’ said Mark Munro, interim CEO with scottishathletics.

‘As such, it makes sense to collaborate across a number of areas and share good practice. However, it is increasingly important that the collaboration impacts positively in helping shape national sports policy as well as working collectively to influence the physical activity agenda.’

Mark Munro - Web

‘It make sense to collaborate,’ says Mark Munro


Craig Burn, CEO for Scottish Cycling said: ‘By working together we can play a stronger part in influencing the future of Scottish sport. By collaborating, we will work with other governing bodies to have a collective voice.

‘Sport has great support from Local Authorities, Leisure Trusts and other local organisations but the challenging economic environment both nationally and locally makes collaboration like this even more important.

‘We all need to look for new ways to become more efficient and by sharing resources and best practice we can offer better value for our members and stakeholders.

‘There is also a pressing need to find solutions to the long-term challenges and ensure sport and physical activity continue to be adequately resourced. It’s not an either or; we need a world class system that’s properly resourced to support clubs and communities and delivers a nation of champions to inspire Scotland to get active.’


Forbes Dunlop, CEO, Scottish Swimming said:  ‘As National Governing Bodies our core focus and responsibility is on our members, teacher and coach education, and the competitive pathway.

‘As such and with the support of sportscotland we have invested in our clubs, coaches and athletes, raising standards year on year and resulting in membership growth and performance results on the international stage.

‘Our success has been built in a systematic way over 15 years; it is critical that we continue to develop and enhance that system if we are to continue to enjoy success in both the development and performance of our sport.’

The three governing bodies plan to work closely with senior members of sportscotland to ensure the sporting agenda (participants, clubs, events, coaches, performance) is recognised as an essential part of government’s policy on sport and physical activity going forwards.

They will also be looking to collaborate with key influencers around participation and physical activity, where all three sports are extremely involved.


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