scottishathletics to launch Duty of Care section

Thursday 18th October 2018

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scottishathletics are pleased to confirm we will should soon be able to launch a Duty of Care section on this website.

Early in 2018, scottishathletics hosted a seminar in Edinburgh on ‘Supporting Athletes with an Eating Disorders’, with sessions delivered by Jayne Nisbet and Louise Capicotto.

‘Mental Health and Wellbeing’ was one of the key themes in a government-led Duty of Care report, written by Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompsonscottishathletics recognised the importance of the key themes from the report, and as a result, we have been developing a our own Duty of Care section for the website.

The aim of the section will be to provide support to scottishathletics members – be they athletes, coaches, parents or club folk – through the website, via electronic resources, e-learning, video/podcasts, and signposting to external specialist organisations to assist the athlete (and their support team) in developing the necessary skills to cope with the special demands in our sport.

The areas we have been focusing on developing to date are as follows:

*Mental Health and Wellbeing

*Nutrition and Hydration

*Safety, Injury and Medical Issues

*Funding and Scholarships

During this period, scottishathletics have been consulting with our coach members for feedback and input in to this project. The aim is to release this section under our Welfare section in due course.

The Tanni Grey-Thompson Duty of Care report can be found online


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