Team silver medals for Scotland as Holly wins Snowdon

Saturday 15th July 2023

Scotland men gather for the camera after taking silver medals in the Senior Home International in Wales

The weather was the clear winner in this year’s Snowdon International race in windswept Wales.

With gusts of 90mph on the summit the race organiser announced on Saturday morning that the race would either be shortened and finish at Clogwyn 750m. Or cancelled altogether.

Luckily the race went ahead but was further shortened to 6.4 miles and 530m. It was a last minute decision when gusts of 60mph were recorded at Clogwyn 30 minutes before the race start.

Unfortunately, our Scotland teams weren’t sure where the race was turning which made a race plan difficult to implement.

Nonetheless, in the women’s event Holly Page led for the majority of the race with a clear lead and closed out the victory. Catriona MacDonald and Megan Crawford had strong runs for the team to take second in the Senior Home International.

In the men’s race, the lead changed several times with Andy Douglas always in contact.

The race was won by the Italian Costa with Andy Douglas takin third place. Good packing by the men gave them the team silver medal with Ross Gollan in ninth, Sasha Chepelin 10th, Ritchie Gardiner 11th and Alasdair Campbell 12th.

Not one of the runners complained about the race being cut short showing the race organiser made a sound decision in the unseasonably appalling conditions.

With thanks to Angela Mudge



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