Our road map back to group athletics activity

Sunday 17th May 2020

Group training should not be happening at this stage with facilities closed and a return is likely to be in phases – starting with small numbers

Exit Plan Framework- 14 May 2020

scottishathletics are pleased to share with the sport a framework which lays out the road map for a return to group athletics.

The document available via the download above sketches out some of the steps which may be required for this to happen in what is expected will be a phased return.

scottishathletics are keen at this juncture to stress that this is not a definitive plan but a framework document that we hope gives athletes, coaches, clubs, Officials and volunteers some kind of picture for the moves out of lockdown and other restrictions.

Chief executive Mark Munro has emailed all clubs with a copy of the document.

Let us stress, of course, everything that may happen will be absolutely in line with Scottish Government advice and guidelines at that point in time.

‘Scottish Government documents and advice, as well as examining approaches by other countries, have enabled scottishathletics to outline an approach with principles that will guide the sport’s decision making about transitioning out of the current lockdown arrangements,’ said Mark.

‘The ‘Exit Plan Framework’ identifies potential key advice and factors relevant to the sport and provides an early indication of what this may mean for a ‘return to athletics’.

‘It is really important to understand that, at the moment, the framework sets out potential advice and anticipated actions rather than a definitive plan, and any analysis of this should not be seen a definitive prediction of the future. A degree of flexibility will need to be demonstrated.

Events are not yet happening with facilities closed – when they return, they may well initially look different from what we’ve been used to recently (photo by Bobby Gavin)

‘Also, the framework should not be taken as confirmation that significant changes to restrictions are imminent.

‘The Scottish Government has noted the need for ‘lead-in’ time to any changes to give organisations the opportunity to prepare and has indicated that it intends to publish further updates ahead of the next end-of-cycle review date on 28 May.

‘If and when, the Scottish Government approach changes, our framework will also adapt and change accordingly.

‘Also, as the Scottish Government advice becomes available and more specific, our intention is to provide strict sets of guidelines developed with expert advice that will likely be in the following groupings:

Guidance for Clubs

Guidance for Athletes

Guidance for Coaches

Guidance for Event Organisers & Officials

‘However, in the meantime we hope that the framework enables all sections of our membership and partners to consider the current picture, begin to plan ahead, and have a clearer understanding of the steps and actions that scottishathletics may take as the lockdown is eased.

‘In the immediate future, we will continue to deliver as effective a service to our membership as is possible and will continue to communicate updates as they become available.’

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