Officials: Join us for online learning session on Mentoring

Saturday 24th February 2024

Scottish Officials are invited to join an online session in March about the Mentoring of Officials.

Following the success of the Officials ‘Communities of Practice’ sessions during 2022 and 2023, the next online session is scheduled for Tuesday 12 March.

The session is:

‘Mentorship in the development of officials’

Presenters: Alan Bell and Joyce Wighton.

This session will provide an overview of the importance of mentoring within the development of officials across all disciplines and more about the role of a mentor.

It will also emphasise the importance and how to create a supportive, encouraging, and friendly relationship between both the mentee & mentor for the purposes of Continuous Personal

Register here

This will be part of the wider series of education webinars, facilitated by the Home Country Athletics Federations, which plan to cover a range of topics. They are designed to be short sessions that focus on particular areas of officiating and cover a wide range of topics across different disciplines.

All the sessions allow for continuous and professional development (CPD) for Officials across different disciplines and levels. All sessions are recorded and the recordings can be found at this page  Scotland




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