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Tuesday 28th March 2023

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We’d like to take the opportunity to remind everyone in our sport to be aware of the guidance provided by scottishathletics for the use of social media and online communications.

You can view four documents on the Social media and digital guidelines page within our Club Support section.

These documents encompass guidelines for athletes, clubs and coaches. There is also further advice on using online video platforms such as Zoom.

We have recently reviewed these documents and made some slight revisions to provide clarity around the level of online exposure that we feel it is appropriate for clubs to give to athletes under the age of 18.

Information published on public-facing club websites/social networking sites must never include personal information that could identify a child: e.g. the home address, email address, telephone number of a child.

Credit for achievements by a child should be restricted by a club to first names: e.g. Tracey was Athlete of the Year 2023.

An exception may be made when describing a significant achievement (such as a podium position) at a National Championships, where parental consent for publicity will have been given for event coverage, in which case the full name may be used (and this is adopted by scottishathletics for significant events.

Clubs and individuals may, as ever, contact our welfare officers if they have any concerns, on welfare@scottishathletics.org.uk

Or Morva McKenzie (Mon-Weds) 07983 081 122, Lorna Whyte (Weds-Fri) 07729 045 461.

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