Good Luck #SALsuper6 at Paralympics

Friday 9th September 2016

Six Scottish athletes are ready to compete in Brazil with Paralympic GB as they chase medals in Rio.

It’s a huge moment for the #SALsuper6, as we called them collectively on Twitter when the team announcement is made, as years of hard work reach fruition.

Stef Reid and Libby Clegg were the Scottish athletes involved at the Paralympics in London four years again and compete again this time in long jump and sprints.

And they have been joined in the Paralympic GB by World IPC medallists Jo Butterfield, Maria Lyle and Sammi Kinghorn as well as marathon runner, Derek Rae.

All at scottishathletics firmly congratulate the athletes involved, their families and their coaches and the clubs involved in helping with their development in Para sport in Scotland.

‘It takes an enormous amount of hard work to ensure selection for the Paralympics and these athletes have had to be very highly ranked in world terms in order to be selected,’ said Rodger Harkins, our Director of Coaching.

‘Well done to all those involved in putting in that hard work. With 15 selected for the Olympics, we are looking at 21 Scottish athletes in total being in Rio this summer to compete at the very highest level possible. It is great they are getting those experiences in Brazil.

‘Once again we have to credit the coaches involved who have guided these athletes and the clubs who helped with their development. I wish them all the best for what is a busy programme in Rio with some of our athletes involved in more than one event.’

The total Paralympic GB track and field team numbers 54 athletes and the athletics event schedule is online



Ian Mirfin, Para Performance lead for scottishathletics, is with the GB team in Rio and sent us this schedule for potential appearances by #SALsuper6

(these times are British time)

Thursday 8 September:

T11 100m Heats Libby Clegg 14.22; T53 100m Heats Sammi Kinghorn 16.30; T53 100m Final 22.54

Friday 9 September:

T44 Long Jump Final Stef Reid 14.45; T11 100m  Semi 15.42; T11 100m Final 22.52

Saturday 10 September

T53 400m Heats Sammi Kinghorn 16.33

Sunday 11 September

F51 Club Final Jo Butterfield 21.33 T53 400m Final 21.30

Monday 12 September

T11 200m Heats Libby Clegg15.26;  T11 200m Semi 23.43

Tuesday 13 September

T11 200m Final 23.12

Wednesday 14 September 

T35 100m Final Maria Lyle 14.54; F52 Discus Final Jo 21.35

Thursday 15 September

4 x 100m Relay Final Maria Lyle 23.31

Saturday 17 September

T53 800m Heats Sammi Kinghorn 14.16; T35 200m Final Maria Lyle 15.13; T53 800m Final 21.42

Sunday 18 September

T46 Marathon Derek Rae 13.00



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