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Saturday 16th July 2022

Paralympian Derek Rae in Glasgow Athletics Association Miler Meet action (photo by Bobby Gavin)

Athletics Trust Scotland

By Kyle Greig

Athletics Trust Scotland is soon to launch the Transforming Lives Initiative – and we would love to hear from you!

Whether you are an everyday runner or an elite athlete, you will know that running and athletics has the power to transform lives.

Think about your own experience – your achievements, the lifelong friendships you’ve made, how running has helped you cope during difficult times as well as improving your physical health.

Think about how it has helped your confidence, your wellbeing, being part of a community – all through the simple act of getting out and enjoying running or athletics.

What if you now had the opportunity to help others experience the same benefits? That’s what Athletics Trust Scotland is here to do – inspire everyone in Scotland to take up athletics or running.

To help introduce the work of ATS we’d like to raise awareness of how running and athletics is #transforminglives.

Use the form link here

Launched in 2021, Athletics Trust Scotland has been established to continue to improve and support athletics in Scotland, is proudly working with jogscotland and scottishathletics.

In particular, ATS aims to provide support to those in the sport who are in need, for reasons of age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage.

Through support via donations, grant funding, event fundraising, corporate sponsorship and legacy funding, ATS aims to use athletics and running to make a significant difference to peoples in these communities across Scotland.

The Transforming Lives Initiative aims to help increase physical activity, improve health and wellbeing, and create community leaders in areas of low levels of physical activity and underrepresentation.

With the help of our partners and supporters of athletics in Scotland, we believe we can change people’s lives through athletics and running and ensure it is a sport accessible to all.

For more info on the work of the Trust and how you can support us please visit us online or email Kyle Greig on


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