Pre-Order your 4J Age Group Champs Hoodie (by Sunday, please)

Wednesday 8th February 2023

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scottishathletics and our partners at The Football Nation are selling Hoodies ahead of the 4J Age Group Champs.

The event takes place at the Emirates Arena on the weekend of February 18/19 and features athletes in the U20/U15/U13 categories.

And The Football Nation are taking pre-orders now of the Hoodies to then be collected at the Emirates venue during the Champs.

The cut-off date for orders is Sunday 12 February.

There are various size and colour options for the pre-order sales; some royal blue colour Hoodies will be available on February 18/19 at a stall on the concourse.



Remember, please order by Sunday 12 February to then be able to collect your Hoodie at the 4J Age Groups.

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