Crownpoint venue for GAA Miler Meet and 3000m Champs

Wednesday 31st May 2023

Action from the GAA Miler Meet 3000m/800 last year at Crownpoint (photo by Bobby Gavin)

Details for Friday at Crownpoint

Glasgow hosts Friday night athletes again this weekend with another eagerly-anticipated GAA Miler Meet to be staged at Crownpoint.

The Glasgow Athletics Association are the event organisers under the auspices of the British Milers Club with paced races over 800m and 3000m.

And the meet also hosts to our Scottish 3000m Champs at U20 and U17 level with support from the GAA and of course our scottishathletics Officials.

A very full programme will run from 6.10pm through to after 9.15pm with the Scottish endurance community once again have stepped up in terms of commitment to competition.

Thank you to everyone involved for this support – athletes, coaches, clubs, parents and supporters. We are all hoping for an exciting evening of athletics in the format that we will look to keep developing and improving in the seasons ahead.

Thanks, also, in advance to our dedicated team of qualified scottishathletics Officials who will make the event happen.

Prize Pot

There will be a £650 ‘prize pot’ available to the overall fastest in each of the men’s and women’s events, IF they break the following target times:

800m: Men:1:51.00; Women: 2:06.00
3000m: Men: 8:10.00; Women: 9:10.00

If only one athlete achieves the time he or she will claim the total prize pot.

If more than one winner achieves the times it will be split equally (so if two winners break the time, they will get half the post (maximum four athletes sharing the pot)).

Rules (New)
Rule CR18.5:

Unsporting or Improper Behaviour: spitting (or similar) in any area may be treated as a conduct offence and will be dealt with by a warning or disqualification.

Athletes Assembly: stewards will remind athletes of this rule prior to leaving for the competition site. Any instances of athletes spitting within the competition area will be reported to the Chief Official or Referee who will issue the appropriate sanction, which may result in disqualification.



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