GAA Miler Meet hosts Scottish U20/U17 Champs at 3000m

Wednesday 1st June 2022

Bobby Gavin’s photo captures GAA Miler Meet action during the Scottish 10,000m Champs at Crownpoint last month

GAA Miler Meet information on our Event page

Friday night athletics returns to Glasgow this weekend with another eagerly-anticipated Miler Meet to be staged at Crownpoint.

The Glasgow Athletics Association are the event organisers under the auspices of the British Milers Club with paced races over 800m and 3000m.

And we’re delighted the GAA meet once again plays host to the Scottish 3000m Championships at U20 and U17 level.

The endurance community has stepped up once again with the event at full capacity in terms of competing athletes.

Thank you to everyone involved for this support – athletes, coaches, clubs, parents and supporters. We are all hoping for an exciting evening of athletics in the format that we will look to keep developing and improving in the seasons ahead.

Thanks, also, in advance to our dedicated team of qualified scottishathletics Officials who will make the event happen and all the GAA volunteers.

The GAA Miler Meet for 800m/3000m was held at Linwood last year (photo by Bobby Gavin)

Here’s key info around Friday’s event . . .

Admissions: Athletes – Free; Coaches – Free admission with coaching pass; Other Spectators – £3

*U16s are free

The GAA are asking spectators to register in advance via this link

Prize Pot: There will be a ‘prize pot’ of £400 available to the overall fastest in each of the men’s and women’s events IF they break the following target times:

800m Men: 1:51.00 Women: 2:06.00

3000m Men: 8:10.00 Women: 9:15.00

(Up to four athletes can share the pot)

Photo by Bobby Gavin

Declarations: We expect you to declare at least one hour before your event and final declarations will be at 8pm.

Assembly: Assembly will be at relevant race start 10 minutes before your race is due to start. The races will start on time – we will not wait for you or come and look for you – it is your responsibility to be there at the right time, ready to check in and ready to race.

Photofinish: All spectators, coaches and athletes should be aware that for the electronic timing to function we have photo finish in operation at the finishing line.

While we are keen that athletes get the opportunity to warm up as easily as possible on the track, it is crucial that athletes do not run through the line while a race is in process as this can disrupt the photo finish system and cause problems with the results.

Rules: Athletes should be aware of rules around shoes and also track etiquette (spitting etc). Please check the info on the Event Section page



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