#TallinnTen: Scottish athletes set for Euro U20 Champs

Thursday 15th July 2021

#TallinnTen! Scots selected for Euro Juniors in Estonia

Ten Scottish athletes are with the GB and NI team for the Euro U20 Champs in Tallinn this week.

This is a record in terms of Scottish representation on at British team at the European Juniors, since that particular championship began back in 1970.

We send our best wishes to the following athletes (and their coaches) as well as all with the GB and NI team in Estonia: Bera Ajala, Alyson Bell, Kirsty Costello, Kane Elliott, Joe Ewing, Megan Keith, Alastair Marshall, Reuben Nairne, Duncan Robinson and Brodie Young.

It is a brilliant moment for these young athletes individually and collectively, of course, but also reflects well on their coaches and support teams and the clubs involved in their development over a number of years.

Updates on performances by our Scottish athletes will feature across our social media channels from Thursday to Sunday.

European Athletics schedule with link to Live Results and Live Stream

Here’s the schedule with confirmed events and potential finals in brackets (GMT time is given):

Thursday 15 July

11.00  Men’s 400m Heats (Brodie Young)

14.00  Men’s 1500m Heats (Kane Elliott and Joe Ewing)

15.05 Men’s 3000m Heats (Duncan Robinson)

(15.55pm Men’s 400m Semis)

16.30pm Women’s 3000m Heats (Megan Keith)

Friday 16 July

8.00 and 9.30  Women’s Hammer qualifying (Kirsty Costello)

8.30  Men’s Pole Vault (Reuben Nairne)

(16.45 Men’s 400m Final)

16.55 Men’s 5000m straight Final (Alastair Marshall)

Saturday 17 July

9.30 and 9.55 Men’s 4x400m heats (Brodie Young)

(13.05 Women’s Hammer final)

(16.35 Men’s 1500m final)

16.37 Men’s Triple Jump qualifying (Bera Ajala)

(16.46 Women’s 3000m final)

(17.05 Men’s 3000m final)

Sunday 18 July

8.15 Women’s 4x100m qualifying (Alyson Bell)

(13.55 Men’s Triple Jump final)

(14.40 Women’s 4x100m final)

(15.10 Men’s Pole Vault final)

(17.20 Men’s 4x400m final)


Alastair Marshall interview with the Linlithgow Gazette


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