Shoe regulations to apply to all our competitions under UKA rules

Thursday 11th March 2021

UK Athletics website story

scottishathletics can confirm we will be looking to implement global rule changes around shoe specifications in the months and years ahead.

UK Athletics yesterday underlined their commitment to better regulation of this issue following on from amendments to Rule 5 of the Technical Rules issued by World Athletics.

Moving forward, UK Athletics can confirm the full implementation of the rule to all UK competitions held under UKA rules in relation to the use of shoes for competition.

For the wording of the amended World Athletics Rule, please follow this link:

While World Athletics require that the amendments apply to all ‘Senior or Junior National Championships’ and are not mandated to be applied below this level, after consultation with the Technical Advisory Group and others, the UKA Rules Group has determined that it is appropriate that the amendments to the Rule should apply to all competitions held under UKA Rules.

This decision was taken as a matter of fairness and also due to the range of events within the UK where qualifying marks, selection standards and records can be set.

A list of World Athletics approved shoes can be viewed online

Adhering to these rules is therefore a sport-wide responsibility that starts primarily with the athlete.

Whilst the excellent Officials working within our sport will be part of this process, athletes will need to take responsibility to ensure that their shoes conform to the Rules and understand that event officials will have the right to check shoes and take appropriate action.

scottishathletics Officials will seek to implement the new rules as far as is practical.

In reality, this probably means that detailed checks will only be carried out where officials or event organisers may have doubts about the legality of the footwear of any athlete, or such reasonable doubts are brought to their attention. Primary responsibility for conformity lies with the athlete. Spot checks may be carried out.

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