4J Studios Virtual SUPERteams – Leaderboard and Week 3 video

Sunday 31st May 2020


The 4J Studios SUPERteams are proving a really popular event in our series of Virtual Challenges.

And we’re pleased to have a leaderboard set up with the Week 1 Sprints performances logged therein.

Week 2 Throws has now concluded and we need clubs to upload all the details of those performances by 12 noon on Tuesday – via the link above.

If clubs fail to upload their scores by 12 noon then unfortunately we won’t be able to include them.

We’ve also shared today our Week 3 Jumps video, with thanks to Darran Muir of Law and District AAC for assistance.

With thanks to Pamela Robson, National Disability Pathway Officer for scottishathletics, we also have a wheelchair option for Week 3 and this is explained in the video.

scottishathletics are absolutely thrilled to have had more than 500 athletes from the U12 age bracket involved so far, with these youngsters representing no fewer than 35 clubs.

And a further 200 athletes in different age groups (either younger or older) have been getting involved, too, which is great to see. These five to eight-year-olds and 12+ have been competing in their own club-level competitions.

Once again it is a big demonstration of a commitment to making athletics at home work from clubs and we appreciate all the support in delivering our Virtual Challenges.

So a big thank you from us to all clubs, coaches and parents for your SUPERteams efforts . . .


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