Throws GP delivers more PBs

Monday 11th September 2017

Trophy winners Kirsty Costello and Danny Gracie

RESULTS from Livingston

The fourth event of our Throws GP was held at Livingston on Saturday to conclude the 2017 summer Series.

All at scottishathletics would like to thank athletes, coaches and clubs for supporting this event-specific model, which is set to be encouraged further next summer.

And, of course, we say a huge thank-you once again to our dedicated team of scottishathletics Officials who helped make possible three visits to Livingston and one to Inverness for the Throws GP.

Organiser Jim Green told us: ‘We were fortunate that the weather was kind to us and allowed for a good day of throwing on Saturday.

‘It was the last competition of a long season but nonethelss many of the 170 athletes participating achieved a PB performance and we were seeing this happen across all age groups.

‘It is good to see the increase in numbers which shows the popularity of the event allowing athletes of all ages and ability to compete and enjoy the experience. The points winners of the Grand Prix will receive their vouchers in due course (by post).’

The Hammerama Awards for commitment, performance and potential are as follows.

Yuriy Sedykh Crystal Trophy to Kirsty Costello

Alan Bertram Trophy to Danny Gracie

Jim added: ‘Thanks as always to the wonderful group of Officials without them there would be no Throws GP and to the people who work in the background taking entries, doing start lists, score cards and results Caitlin Watt, Liz Wilder and Elaine Green.

‘Thanks to all coaches, parents and athletes for making it such a great event.’

With thanks to Jim Green and also to Diane Gracie for photos

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