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Friday 2nd December 2016

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Help for those worried about abuse or bullying – of themselves or others
Welfare and child protection guidelines

scottishathletics work with national partners, sportscotland and Children1st, to ensure there are processes in place to deal with and support victims of abuse.

There is a robust system in place for supporting clubs, volunteers and young people, which must be adhered to, and more information can be found on the links at the foot of this article.

Our primary objective is to prevent unsuitable people coming into athletics to harm children and young people.

We have a number of safeguarding policies, guidance and support resources to assist people in clubs in providing a safe environment for all participants. We’d like to remind all clubs affiliated to scottishathletics that they must have the following:

*A Welfare/Child Protection Officer;

*The officer has completed Safeguarding and Protecting Children & In Safe Hands workshops;

*All volunteer coaches have an up-to-date licence and PVG Disclosure;

*Coaches should attend the Safeguarding and Protecting Children workshop;

*Any volunteer that is completing ‘Regulated Work’ has a PVG Disclosure;

*As best practice, volunteers should be trained in child protection;

*Has adopted the UK Athletics Child Protection Policy;

*Has complete background checks on any new volunteers as part of the recruitment policy

scottishathletics recognises that the above measures are no guarantee that abuse will not take place.

We urge every member to take responsibility for the safeguarding and well-being of any child or young person. It is everyone’s responsibility to protect children and young people involved in athletics.

We would also urge anyone with any information relating to abuse or inappropriate behaviour – whether current or historic – to contact their local police office in the first instance. Advice on who to talk to about abuse and bullying, whether of yourself or someone else, is available on our Your safety and welfare page.

If you are not sure what to do, please contact Jim Goldie on 07739 506733 or by email jim.goldie@scottishathletics.org.uk

Jim Goldie Profile Photo 2511111

Jim Goldie – point of contact on Welfare issues

By attending the Safeguarding course, coaches will have an improved understanding of children’s well-being. The course also gives some examples of potential signs and indicators of abuse that may be experienced.

During training, those on the course are also informed of the reporting procedures should a child ever disclose to them directly; observes anything concerning; or someone else reports concerns to them.

All allegations that come into scottishathletics are taken seriously and thoroughly investigated, and where appropriate, referred to the police or other agency.

More information:

On this website – welfare and child protection procedures

On this website – your safety and welfare

On the Victim Support website

On the Children1st website

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