Sportshall primary programme

The Sportshall primary programme provides the ideal format in which to introduce young people to athletics and multi-skills competition.

The programme can be used in several ways by schools including:

  • Introductory class PE sessions
  • Learning physical literacy and basic movement skills
  • Introducing children to basic principles of competition and working as part of a team
  • Introducing young people to competition in a fun, team-based format
  • Encouraging mass participation with teams including up to 30 children
  • Promoting local delivery through a programme of cluster schools events
  • Opportunity for schools to participate in local authority and regional competition events

Standard competition formats in Scotland are recommended for primary 6 and 7 children, however, the programme can be introduced to children and primary 3, 4 and 5 levels.

The provision of opportunity for comparatively large teams to represent a school is a key factor in the success and appeal of Sportshall, with the focus placed firmly on the achievements of the team and the importance of supporting each other.

Events are organised across local authorities in Scotland leading to Regional Finals which take place between February and April each year – cluster and local authority events should take place in the lead up to Regional Finals to allow a structured approach to competition in each area.

Workshops are available for schools wishing to take part and for more information on the Scottish Sportshall Primary Programme please contact your scottishathletics National Club Manager.


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