Event organiser updates

Important information about updates to licensing processes and other events news is sent to Event Organisers in a regular e-mail. Previous editions can be viewed below, and to join the Event Organiser mailing list to receive future updates, click here

Update 1 – December 2017
Update 2 – January 2018
Update 3 – March 2018
Update 4 – May 2018
Update 5 – June 2018
Update 6 – August 2018
Update 7  – October 2018
Update 8 – December 2018
Update 9 – February 2019

Are you an experienced event organiser?

If you would like to help others host their own events, you could become a volunteer Event Support Officer. This role allows you to put your skills and experience to good use, helping and encouraging event organisers to overcome the obstacles they face in hosting an event, some for the first time.

Event Support Officer Role Information

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