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The Coaching Assistant Award is the first step on the coaching ladder if the candidate has elected not to attend the Athletics Leader Award.

The Coaching Assistant Award provides prospective coaches with an introduction to coaching athletics via a range of run, jump and throw skills and activities. To support the multi-event approach for developing athletes, Coaching Assistants will be expected to deliver a range of sessions that develop running, jumping and throwing skills. The course is focused on the initial stages of the athlete development pathway:

  • Fundamentals: multiple sports experience with rapid skill development potential.
  • Foundation: exposure to a wide range of athletics experience covering run, jump and throw activities.
  • Event Group Development: focus on a range of events within an event group, i.e. sprints, jumps to develop all round event group specific conditioning.

The Coaching Assistant Award does not focus on specific athletics events such as javelin, triple jump or steeplechase. Instead it identifies the core principles that enable an athlete to effectively run, jump and throw. This then establishes a sound base for all future athletic activities both in training and competition.

The course duration is two days and will usually be run over one weekend. There is no assessment element. A Coaching Assistant license will be awarded to successful attendees on completion.

Who is this qualification for?

16 years +

This is a pilot at present, but it is hoped to have this course open to this age group permanently.

The Coaching Assistant Award is for those working with athletes up to the Event Group Development stage (see the Athlete Development Pathway for details) and is aimed particularly at adults, athletes, ex-athletes and parents.

The course is recommended for those that have decided to embark on the coaching pathway and forms the first step in their commitment to that process.

All NEW future applicants for UKA coach education courses will need to complete the Coaching Assistant Award to progress through the system.

It is important to note that this is not a course about individual athletics events. For example Coaching Assistants will not learn how to develop pole vaulting but will be introduced to the movement and mechanical principles of running, jumping and throwing as the basis for success in all athletics events.

The Award covers the core coaching skills of demonstration, observation & analysis and feedback.

Prerequisites and progression

16 years minimum

Anyone wishing to attend a Coaching Assistant Award will need to complete an application form and sign up to the terms and conditions of being a Coaching Assistant.

Forms should be submitted to the coaching team at scottishathletics. Please send them to

All applications must be accompanied by a photograph, which will appear, on the licence.

Prospective Coaching Assistants need to complete a PVG Disclosure, where they will be engaged in working with young people (Under 18 years) or Protected Adults.

PVG Disclosure checks are not transferable between sports and other organisations therefore scottishathletics must have a new check made.

The PVG itself is free for club volunteers.

Prior to attending the course, prospective Coaching Assistants are required to complete six pre-course tasks. There is an expectation that these tasks will have been completed.

This induction process (which also requires the help of the Supervising Coach) should take no more than four hours to complete. Those registering on the course are strongly advised to book in advance to allow sufficient time to complete the pre-course requirements. The induction pack can be downloaded below.

Progression to Athletics Coach or Coach in Running Fitness.

To find and apply for a course that suits you, please view our Coaching Qualifications Calendar.



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