UKA Coach in Running Fitness


The Coach in Running Fitness (CiRF) Award is designed for those who want to get involved in coaching runners who take part in non-track based activities e.g. road, fell, cross country or multi terrain events.

The CiRF award provides coaches with an introduction to coaching knowledge and skills relating to running. During the programme candidates will be asked to consider the needs of individuals who have a range of fundamental movement skills regardless of their chronological age. CiRF coaches will work with runners of all abilities and interests, including those new to the sport, returning to the sport and competitive runners.

The CiRF programme will take a minimum of six months to complete, however, once underway, applicants have up to one year to complete all elements.

Please note that the CiRF programme is not designed for coaches who want to work with runners taking part in track-based endurance events such as 800m – 10,0000m or steeplechase. You will however be licensed to provide coached sessions for non-track events using a track facility. Coaches who want to work with runners taking part in track based endurance events such as 800m – 10,0000m or steeplechase should take the Athletics Coach award rather than CiRF.

Course Structure

The first two course delivery days are run over the course of a weekend, with the third day following approximately six weeks later. Candidates will be provided with an ‘On Course Workbook’ to record any learning on the course days, please remember to bring a pen.

Prior to the day 4, candidates will complete an online multiple choice test on your MyLearning Portal. This will cover the underpinning technical knowledge of running and physical preparation covered throughout the programme.

On day 4, candidates will be required to deliver two parts of a session while being observed by an assessor. They will also be required to play the role of an “athlete” in the assessments of fellow coaches (where possible). If a candidate is physically unable to take part they should inform the Home Country when their assessment day is confirmed and the assessor at the beginning of the day.

Prerequisite: Level 1, FiRF, LiRF, Jog Leader or Coaching Assistant course.

Minimum age: 18

Cost: £425 / £170*

Support Coach

Throughout this programme individuals will be required to work in conjunction with a Support Coach. This role is vital in each candidate’s individual success on the programme.

If a candidate’s club is unable to provide a Support Coach they should contact scottishathletics Coaching Co-ordinator who will be able to signpost them to appropriate Support Coaches in their area.

*Coaching Subsidy

Through our funding partner, sportscotland, there is a coaching subsidy of 60% of the course fee available for those applying for CiRF or Athletics Coach. To be eligible to receive the coaching subsidy, coaches must meet the following at the time of booking:

  • Agree to coach through sport in the community (i.e. clubs, local programmes, schools, community, or performance sport) within six months of applying for the subsidy.
  • Agree to coach on average once per week, or a minimum of 24 times per year
  • Agree to become a scottishathletics coach member at the time of booking, if not already a member
  • Agree to continue to develop as a coach through ongoing communications with a support coach and attend coach development opportunities as and when appropriate
  • Agree to work with named support coach in the development as a coach.
  • Provide a statement, why this course will benefit you as a coach, and what impact will this have on the club / school / community.

To find and apply for a course that suits you, please view our Coaching Qualifications Calendar.


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