UKA Athletics Coach

The Athletics Coach qualification is the cornerstone of the coach qualification pathway. The programme has been designed to support coaches in working with athletes in the Foundation to Event Group Development Stage (typically under 18’s) and advocates a multi-event approach in the development of athletes.

Coaches who opt for this pathway will be expected to develop their technical knowledge and expertise across a range of events in relation to run, jump and throw activities. Developing expertise across a range of events will be advantageous to the development of all athletes as well as supporting your progress along the Coach Development Pathway.

Athletics Coach Qualification Process

At the end of the process, candidates will be able to plan a progressive training programme for athletes coaching a range of activities to prepare the developing athlete to run, hurdle, jump and throw. When qualified you will be insured to coach without supervision.

In total the course consists of four contact days, which concludes with a practical assessment. Days one & two of the course will cover the generic content of running, hurdling, jumping, throwing and the physical preparation of the athlete:

Topics include:

  • Physical Preparation
  • Running for Speed
  • Running over Obstacles
  • Running for Endurance
  • Jumping for Distance
  • Jumping for Height
  • Push Throw
  • Pull Throw
  • Coaching Process

Once you have secured your place on your Athletics Coach days one & two, candidates will be sent a booking confirmation and be asked to select their Technical Event Group day three option. Please note there needs to be a minimum of four weeks between your day two & three as there is homework and coaching practice required.

Day three options are:

  • Athletics Coach Endurance – including Walks, Steeplechase, Middle Distance and Wheelchair Racing
  • Athletics Coach Jumps – including all four Jumps (Long, Triple, High and Pole Vault)
  • Athletics Coach Speed – including Starts, Acceleration, Maximum Velocity, Hurdles, Relay and Wheelchair racing
  • Athletics Coach Throws – including all Throws (Shot, Discus, Javelin, Hammer and Seated Throw)

When booking your Event Group option, you will secure your place on your Observed Practical Assessment (day four).

 How will the Qualification be delivered?

Throughout this programme individuals will be required to work in conjunction with a Support Coach. This role is vital in each candidate’s individual success on the programme.

If a candidate’s club is unable to provide a Support Coach they should contact scottishathletics Coaching Co-ordinator who will be able to signpost them to appropriate Support Coaches in their area.

Prerequisite: Level 1 Assistant Coach or Coaching Assistant

Minimum age: 18

Cost: £425 / £170*

*Coaching Subsidy

Through our funding partner, sportscotland, there is a coaching subsidy of 60% of the course fee available for this qualification. To be eligible to receive the coaching subsidy, coaches must meet the set criteria at the time of booking. More information on the subsidy can be found on the course Education Booking Form.


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