Leadership in Running Fitness (Jog leader)

jogscotland is the recreational running arm of scottishathletics. Our fun, friendly jogging groups have something to offer everyone, from complete beginners to experienced runners.

Our Jog Leaders are the lifeblood of jogscotland. Our army of fully-trained, enthusiastic and patient Jog Leaders have inspired thousands of people across the country to embrace a healthier and more active lifestyle through running.

You don’t have to be a fast runner to be a Jog Leader – in fact some of our best Jog Leaders are very new to jogging themselves and remember just how it feels to start for the first time. The most important thing is that you have lots of enthusiasm for inspiring others to get active, and stay active.

Leadership in Running Fitness course

To become a Jog Leader you need to complete the Leadership in Running Fitness Course which consists of four online modules and a three hour practical training session which covers everything you need to know, from the warm-up to the cool-down. As well as learning about jogscotland‘s gradual fitness programs, you’ll cover other useful topics including risk assessment, and helping people overcome common barriers to starting exercise.

The course fee is £110.

Course Modules

Some of the topics covered in the course modules are:

  • Individual Centred Leading and the Role of the Leader
  • Running Fitness Session Content
  • Performance Factors, Energy Systems and their Application
  • Injury Avoidance.

The Online Learning Modules will take approximately an hour each to complete and should be completed before attending the practical session.

The Practical session will look to apply the theoretical knowledge covered in the online modules. This session will also provide an opportunity to practice leading mixed ability groups effectively, exploring the How-2 lead skills, components of a session and the running technical template. There is no assessment element.

Once you have completed the course:

  • You will be able to set up your own jogging group using the jogscotland name
  • Your group will be advertised on our Group Finder
  • Your sessions will be covered by UK Athletics insurance
  • You can contact our team at jogscotland HQ any time for help and advice
  • You will have access to the jogscotland Jog Leader group on facebook, where you can receive advice, support and friendship from other leaders.

Upcoming courses

Upcoming Leadership in Running Fitness courses are listed on our Coaching Qualifications page.

Booking process

If you are not already a member of jogscotland, you must become a member before you do the Jog Leader course – it’s free, and you can do it online via the jogscotland website.

Bookings are now made on our online booking system – Athletics Hub.

If you have any questions about Leadership in Running Fitness courses and bookings, please email coaching@scottishathletics.org.uk.


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