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Disability coaching

Scotland has a proud record in para athletics with our first gold medal won in the 1980 Paralympics by Willie McLeod over 100m.

Coaching para athletes is rewarding (and can be a challenge) and some of Scotland’s top coaches have worked with or, are currently working with para athletes of all levels.

By and large the knowledge that coaches already have is sufficient to work with most athletes with adaptations depending on the athletes’ ability, which is much the same as working with any athlete. Some areas require more technical knowledge, for example wheelchair racing, seated throwing and guided running, however there is advice available to coaches who find themselves working in these areas.

scottishathletics passionately believes that all athletes require the best coaching support possible and that coaches are equipped to deliver.

The workshops/courses below are available to coaches, as are mentoring opportunities. There is a healthy para events programme in Scotland and any queries can be addressed to the contacts below.

scottishathletics, in partnership with Scottish Disability Sport (SDS)  leading coaches, has developed the following courses which will assist, train and support all volunteers and coaches in how to adapt and develop training session to enable all athletes to participate in an integrated manner.

  • Inclusive Athletics
  • Coaching Athletes with a Disability
  • Coaching Wheelchair Racing
  • Wheelchair Racing Online module
  • Adapted Sportshall

Inclusive Athletics

This is a three-hour workshop on how to integrate athletes with a disability into coaching sessions. The course will be delivered with a mixture of practical and classroom sessions, and will show how, by changing the space, equipment or speed of an activity, athletics can be easily-adapted for everyone.

Coaching Athletes with a Disability

This course is for UKA Level Coaches who are already working with, or are interested in, working with athletes with a disability.

It allows for a better understanding of classification, helps identify the different disability categories and helps select the event most suitable for individual athletes. It further explains the basic technical aspects of Wheelchair Racing, Guide Running and Seated Throws. It also presents an understanding of the athlete pathway from beginner to Paralympic level.

Coaching Wheelchair Racing

This workshop is for coaches working with, or interested in, working with wheelchair athletes. It will help in the identifying of potential athletes; in the selection of specific equipment; chair set up; pushing technique; training and loadings and programme planning. The workshop is delivered in practical and classroom sessions.

Adapted Sportshall

This workshop is for volunteers, active school coordinators, teachers, leaders and coaching assistants. This is specifically for young people to try athletics in an enjoyable and safe environment, using specialised indoor equipment. This workshop will demonstrate how to adapt equipment to include children with a disability into various sessions/classes.

Other Courses Available on request

  • Secondary Run, Jump & Throw
  • Race Running
  • Guiding
  • Seated Throws
  • Coach Mentoring

You may also find some useful information in the para athletics page of our Get Involved section.

For more information contact:

Colin Hutchison


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