National facilities strategy

Our National Facilities Strategy was launched in November 2015, and was prepared in partnership with other agencies, with the clear goal being to try and support the continued development of the sport.

The aim is to provide the sport with a hierarchy of facilities throughout the country that will continue to maximise participation and increase standards of performance in all disciplines. To achieve this, the sport requires a plan for facilities development that clearly identifies areas where priority work is required based on a hierarchical approach from schools and clubs through to performance levels.

The strategy has been produced in consultation with clubs and local authorities and provides an indicative 12-year framework for facility development. A timescale of 12 years has been chosen to allow for a reasonable time-frame in which to plan, consult, develop and finance the wide range of recommendations being provided within the strategy, albeit that a number of projects have been identified as short-medium term.

You can download the Facilities Strategy.

For more information please contact Head of Development Colin Hutchison.

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