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SAL Performance Foundations

The scottishathletics performance programmes are delivered as an investment in an athlete and coach to help them to meet the aims of the programme. As far as practically possible the programme will be targeted and delivered consistently across the sport’s event groups and across the able-bodied and para programs.  Although not restricted to, our aim is that coaches and athletes supported at this stage will have progressed through the National Academy Programme.

In terms of performance we believe that the keys to success in athletics are:

  • Athletes
  • Coaches
  • Support services (eg medical services and the sports sciences)
  • Competition structure
  • Environment (athletics/home)

Our Performance Programmes will:

  • identify athletes and coaches with the potential to contribute to the programme’s aims; and provide bespoke levels of increasing status and support for those athletes most likely to meet the programme’s aims as they move towards UK international level;
  • provide appropriate opportunities, experiences and performance management support at each level of the programme leading in to UK Athletics levels so that, should they progress towards international level, athletes are prepared to succeed at the highest level.

For further information, contact the Performance and Coaching Team.

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