Organising an event

If you are organising an athletics event, your first step should be to read this guide.

You should then contact the scottishathletics events administrator. scottishathletics will provide information on potential date clashes, risk assessment, insurance, licence standards for events, levy collection, race organiser affiliation, etc.

If you require course measurement, please contact the Association of UK Course Measurers directly.


If you wish to organise an athletics event, be it a track and field meeting, road race, cross-country event, hill race or highland games, you will require a licence. Power of 10 and Run Britain will only include performances from licensed events.

Licences will only be issued to organisations who are members of scottishathletics. This includes athletics clubs and corporate members. To apply for an annual corporate membership, complete and return a membership form.

Click here to apply for a licence. Additional information can be found here.

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently only accepting licence applications for events up until 31 March 2018

Within 28 days of your event taking place, scottishathletics should receive:

  • your completed Event Return Form 
  • levies due from your event (road, cross country and trail races only)
  • your entries list
  • your results
  • any medical or accident forms required (see below)

Rules and Guidance

Health, Safety and Risk Assessment

Event Organisers who would like their events to host scottishathletics Championships can apply here.

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