Technical development

The series of technical development courses aim to provide coaches of all levels with the knowledge and skills of ‘what to coach’ in the technical, tactical and physiological (metabolic) aspects of athletic events.

The courses are delivered through four progressive levels to assist the coach’s development journey in their knowledge and understanding of the events.

Technical Development I

Practical introduction to coaching the fundamental movement skills in running, jumping and throwing. Through guided discovery we explore methods of locomotion in running and jumping and explore non-locomotion activities of throwing and passing objects, in the development of the athletes’ movement vocabulary.

Technical Development II

Theory and application of coaching the event group and the practical teaching of technical skill development. You will learn how to teach the basic movements related to the event group; sprints and hurdles, jumps, throws or endurance.

Technical Development III

Developing knowledge and expertise in coaching the event. Develop an understanding of the key needs and demands of the event. Identifying the key physical and technical competencies in relation to the technical model.

Technical Development IV

Event specific development, through the examination of training methodologies to develop the demands of the event. Through observational and critical analysis, examine the key technical aspects (phase analysis) of the event and coaching practice.

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