Planning is a vital part of the coaching process, and the capacity to progress from planning the session to planning for a multi-year cycle is a mark of the developing expertise of the coach (Lyle, 2002).

The planning workshops aim to provide coaches of all levels with the knowledge and skills to design and implement an effective training programme in their coaching practice. Through the workshops we examine the various planning levels required to help the athletes ‘perform when it counts’.

Planning I

Planning of physical and technical components in a training session or training week.

Planning II

Develop an understanding of the physical and technical considerations when designing and implementing a 4 to 6 week training programme in relation to the time of the year.

Planning III

Identify steps in designing an annual plan, taking into consideration key competitions in the year, process and outcome goal setting and exploring contributing factors that can impact athletic performance.

Planning IV

The examination of key points to consider when planning a taper in preparation for major championships. Planning strategies, pre-competition routines and how coaching decisions can impact and maximise athletic performance.

Planning workshops I & II are incorporated into the Athletic Development & Physical Preparation I & II and Technical Development I & II Courses.

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